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What is pulpectomy?

Pulpectomy is a procedure that involves total removal of all the infected pulp tissue of a baby tooth followed by filling of a dental medicament to ensure removal of bacteria. It is then followed by placement of a dental crown to maximise its strength. It is an important step in root canal treatment. Visit Aspen Dental to learn about the root canal treatment cost in Gurgaon. 

Why is it important?

Pulpectomy of milk teeth is considered as an important treatment to ensure either normal shedding or a long-term survival of natural teeth. When the decay spreads deep into the tooth and reaches the living pulp tissue, then pulpectomy is highly advisable.


Know the signs & symptoms

If your child complains of pain and swelling within the gum tissues or even the cheek, which arises on its own and increases more at night then, you know the pulp tissue is involved. Rarely some teeth may proceed to pulpectomy without much pain and in asymptomatic way. You can get the best treatment at Aspen Dental which can help your child get relief from this enduring pain. To learn about the root canal treatment cost in Gurgaon, visit Aspen Dental. 

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