Self-ligating braces are braces that use little metal doors to hold the wires instead of elastic ties. There are many companies that advertise different names for these braces. The most popular self-ligating braces are Damon, 3M Clarity SL, Speed System, and In-Ovation. These types of braces have been around for more than 20 years, but they have recently gained popularity as Fast bracket systems which are frictionless.

Sigma Self Ligating Braces

Advantages to self-ligating braces

  1. Self-ligating braces can speed up the first stage of orthodontics (alignment) because initially there is a little less friction between the wires and the metal doors when teeth are rotating and straightening out.
  2. Hygiene. The metal doors are a little smaller than the elastic ties so they can be a bit easier to clean in some cases. Most patients, however, will still need elastic chains at some point (to close spaces) during treatment, so this advantage only applies to a few patients.
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Disadvantages of self-ligating braces

  1. Cost: Self-ligating braces are more expensive.


Depending on who you talk to or what you read, you will get different answers. If you talk to someone who likes self-ligating braces, they will tell you they are better. If you talk to someone who doesn’t like them, they will tell you they are not any better.

Any orthodontist can order any type of braces he or she prefers. Any company will sell any type of braces to an orthodontist. Most orthodontists order the braces they like best.

Dr. Ravneet is extremely particular with her patients and wants them to have the best possible result!!! The difference between a good orthodontist and a great orthodontist is in the details. Any orthodontist can generally line up your teeth and make them look okay. In fact, for most people, it only takes about three to six months to straighten the teeth. But placing the teeth in the precise position for ideal aesthetics and that “Hollywood smile” requires maximum control.

Dr. Ravneet thoroughly evaluates the patient needs and accordingly decide the best appliance for the case.

Types of Self Ligation Systems

-3M™ Clarity™ Ultra Self-Ligating Brackets for Esthetic Orthodontic Solutions

A clear solution that inspires smiles. The orthodontic business and treatment models are changing. You need esthetic treatment options designed for efficiency and reliability from start to finish. Clarity Ultra brackets offer the treatment control and versatility you need to deliver precise, predictable outcomes—helping you create beautiful, confident smiles for your patients.
3M™ Clarity™ esthetic orthodontic solutions are designed with both orthodontists and patients in mind, delivering a range of flexible, individualized esthetic treatment options.

3M victory Ortho

Damon System

The Damon Q self-ligating brackets that we utilise at Aspen Dental are slimline and low profile so patients find them fairly comfortable to wear after the necessary initial period of discomfort. Negating the use of modules (except for the sake of colours) also means that there is less material for plaque debris to potentially collect around. This in turn allows for better cleanability of the teeth and braces and better oral hygiene in general.

Damon System
Damon Braces

The care instructions that are provided by our staff after braces are fitted also extend to ensuring that the modules are held in place. Occasionally, a module can come off the bracket wings and, while easily solved, this may be problematic depending on the individual circumstances. With the self-ligating system, the gate holds shut until it is opened with a special manufacturer’s instrument. There is one less thing for the patient to be concerned about!

Self Ligating Braces vs Conventional Braces

The difference between conventional and self-ligating braces can be explained by the addition of a gate mechanism that securely holds the archwire into place within the metal braces. Both types of metal braces produce the desired effect on tooth movement but there may be some benefit to self-ligating braces, including improved oral hygiene.

Traditional vs Damon System Braces

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