Ceramic Braces/ Clear Braces

Clear Braces/ Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces can be a beautiful alternative to metal braces if your orthodontist recommends them.

Ceramic braces were introduced back in the 1980s when the idea for less visible braces came about. Contrary to popular belief, ceramic brackets are tough and don’t stain as easily as they used to thanks to continuing product development and technological advances.

Back in the day, plastic brackets were used for invisible braces, but plastic is porous so it tends to stain more easily. The ceramic composite they use now solves that pesky problem, making ceramic braces a great option.

Ceramic Braces Treatment Cost in Gurgaon

Benefits of Ceramic Braces

  • Some say that ceramic braces are less painful because they don’t irritate the gums.
  • Ceramic braces either have semi-translucent ceramic brackets, which are better for very white teeth, or tooth-colored ceramic, which is better for slightly darker teeth. Either way, they blend in well.
  • Ceramic braces are strong, especially if they are high-quality. They usually don’t chip or break unless they are badly abused.

Drawbacks of Ceramic Braces

  • Ceramic brackets are more expensive than metal brackets. They are also bigger, but they blend in with teeth so this isn’t an issue for most patients.
  • Like traditional metal braces, ceramic braces use clear or white ligatures to hold the archwire in place. The ligatures are little rubber bands, so they can stain because they’re porous. They’re changed at every adjustment.
  • Because ceramic brackets can’t withstand as much pressure as metal brackets can, ceramic braces are not recommended for people who need extensive treatment.


Clear braces are also called sapphire braces. The braces blend in and basically disappear on the teeth. They are strong and generally don’t stain, although the ligatures are slightly prone to stains especially if you drink coffee, smoke, or drink red wine regularly.

Sometimes metal braces just aren’t what you’re looking for, and ceramic braces are a great alternative! Here at Aspen Orthodontics, we can determine the best fit for your needs with a complimentary smile analysis. We offer a lot to our patients including same-day appointments and after-school and after-work appointments so you don’t have to disrupt your whole life to straighten your smile.

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