Teeth Bleaching: Myth v/s Fact

Teeth Bleaching: Myth v/s Fact

Teeth Bleaching: Myth v/s Fact

Myth: Teeth bleaching will cause my teeth to become weak.

Fact: Teeth bleaching is done using a gel on the teeth. We do not remove any enamel from the teeth. The teeth will be just as strong after bleaching as they were before.

Myth: The chemicals will make my teeth really sensitive.

Fact: Since teeth cleaning is also done one may experience some sensitivity but that is transient and will not last for more than 2-3 days. And we have gels and pastes to take care of it even for those 2-3 days. Do not worry!

Myth: Bleaching the teeth doesn’t last, the teeth will be back to normal in no time.

Fact: The teeth will adhere to their new colour for at least 6 months and if one gets the 2nd and 3rd sittings done on time then they can expect the results to last even longer.

Myth: The gums will get harmed by all the chemicals.

Fact: Before applying the gel to your teeth we place a dam around the gums to protect them.

dam around the gums

Myth: I can achieve the same results using at-home kits, going to the dentist to get it done is unnecessary.

Fact: At-home kits use abrasive agents which are bad for the teeth and can’t give gum protection. So, by using such teeth bleaching kits, one is jeapordising the health of their teeth and/or gums. Use it at your own risk!


So, how does this work exactly?
Most teeth bleaching systems use either Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide.

The paste is applied to the teeth after placing a dam for gum protection which is done in two phases for the optimum results.

We at Aspen Dental use only premium and FDA approved systems to give you that beautiful bright smile!

The best products combined with our expertise ensure that the teeth become whiter while preventing them from undergoing any damage to give a hassle-free experience.

How much time is needed for teeth bleaching?

Along with cleaning the teeth, one needs to keep 45 mins in mind for the treatment.

Do I need to take any precautions afterward?

Stay away from coloured food items only for the first 48 hours.

Does the cleaning regimen have to change afterward?

Nope! One doesn’t need to take any additional measures to clean the teeth.


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