Root Canal Treatment: Super Savior of Decayed and Infected Teeth

Root Canal Treatment: Super Savior of Decayed and Infected teeth

Root Canal Treatment: Super Savior of Decayed and Infected teeth

Who does not like sweets? We all love birthdays and festivals because we love to eat delectable cakes and sweets. During Indian festivals and moments of happiness, we are used to hearing the phrase "Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye", which translates to "let us eat something sweet to celebrate". These sticky sweets can stay on the teeth, and if the teeth are not cleaned properly while brushing it can give rise to decaying of teeth.

There are a number of bacteria in our mouth. These bacteria love to feast on the sugar-containing food particles in our mouth and produce acid. This leads to the dissolution of calcium which then builds up the structure of the teeth.

Our main aim should be the prevention of this decay by eating less sugar-containing food and brushing well. However, sometimes despite all the prevention and care we still end up with cavities (decayed teeth). The decay slowly progresses towards the center of the tooth (this may take a few months). The center of the tooth is called pulp and contains nerves and blood vessels. As soon as the decay comes close to this pulp, the tooth starts to pain, and it becomes difficult to eat. Get your root canal treatment in Gurgaon done by the best dental expert.

Pic 1: Decay touching the pulp of the tooth

If such a thing happens the only way to relieve the pain and save the tooth is to perform a Root Canal Treatment (RCT) on that tooth. The pulp of the tooth is present in the center and in the channels along the length of the root. RCT involves cleaning of the pulp tissue with the help of special instruments and filling up space with an inert, non-reactive material called Gutta Percha. Get full details on the root canal treatment cost in Gurgaon.

Pic 2: Cleaning of Pulp tissue

Pic 3: Filling of Pulp space in the root

RCT clears all the decay and infection and relives the tooth of any pain. Know more about painless RCT in Gurgaon and avail dental services.
Following a root canal, it is necessary to put a crown or cap on the tooth to prevent fracture of tooth later in life. The new generation zirconia or all ceramic crown looks very natural and lasts for a long time.


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