Professional Cleaning : Myth v/s Fact

Professional Cleaning : Myth v/s Fact

Professional Cleaning : Myth v/s Fact

Professional cleaning is often deemed as an unnecessary or cosmetic procedure.

So, let’s debunk some common notions about teeth cleaning, shall we?

teeth cleaning

MYTH: Teeth cleaning will cause gaps in my teeth.

FACT: Teeth cleaning may lead to the feeling of gaps in the teeth because it cleans the teeth and removes all the deposits surrounding the teeth. So, it’s a good thing!

MYTH: Cleaning causes sensitivity.

FACT: Cleaning of teeth does not alter the form or structure of the teeth in any manner, hence, cannot cause any sensitivity. It does, however, remove all the unnecessary build up for tartar around the teeth finally letting the teeth free which may feel like sensitivity but settles down after a few hours. That just means the teeth are healthy.

MYTH: Cleaning causes damage to the structure of teeth, hence, should be avoided.

FACT: Cleaning does NOT involve cutting or trimming the teeth in any manner. We use scalers which employ a high frequency of vibration to remove the germs from the teeth.

MYTH: Cleaning makes the gums bleed.

FACT: The deposits make the gums bleed. Not the cleaning. Bleeding means the body is trying to reach the infection with infection fighting cells. We aid the body by physically removing the source of infection.

MYTH: Cleaning is painful.

FACT: Cleaning is not a painful procedure and if one is in pain at any point let the doctor know and we’ll ensure a painless treatment.

MYTH: Teeth become loose after cleaning.

FACT: The only thing that can loosen up the teeth is gum infection otherwise trauma. Cleaning actually takes care of the former!

MYTH: I brush my teeth twice a day, I don’t need professional cleaning.

FACT: While teeth brushing takes care of the plaque around the teeth you do need professional cleaning done to take care of the tartar and stains on the teeth. Regular teeth brushing will not take care of those.

teeth cleaning

So, now that you know better make sure that you get the teeth cleaned regularly. After all, we don’t want the teeth to become loose!


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